September 27, 2009


After alot of sanding, painting and a whole lot of sorting.
Its finally finished, just a couple of pictures to hang and the power to be activated on Wednesday I have gone from this...

Noah'S old bedroom which I took over to create my new space.... As it had the bigger wardrobe :O)

Darren decided to make the wardrobe BIGGER!!!

MY FINISHED ROOM - My storage!! Darren was so surprised to see all my stuff "whoops"

Office - waiting for the power until the computer is moved.

Love all the light!!

had to upgrade the TV for a flat screen :O) Early christmas present.

I added all my little inches to my word CREATE - they all look very cool ladies :O)

Noah checking out what he can play with!!

Best of ALL **** A pull out shelf to house all my 12x12 :O)

So that my new scrapbook room - very happy. I hope to start a layout tonight but I really really tired!!!!!!!!!


  1. Tricia wow what a room it looks so awesome love your create you clever girl its heaven
    It makes me want to squeal with delight is that to weird lol enjoy my love its FANTASTIC...

  2. Your room looks FANTASTIC Tricia!! I'm squealing with Jane LOL
    I love that there are places for everything!! Might have to get some ideas off you for my scrap room :)

  3. It looks awesome Tricia - I can see my ladybug inchie very cool idea!!

  4. That looks fantastic tricia!!!! so jealous :)
    look at all the sunlight you will be getting too :)