September 14, 2009

Finished Bathroom :O)

A pot plant holder is the only thing I haven't managed to find. The bathroom was finished end of August however you know how it is ... forgott to upload photos. Anyway here it is, really please with how it turned out, Darren did a fab job :O)

And of course the next project is underway - MY SCRAPBOOK SPACE!!!!!!!! Will have some photos soon.


  1. Oh you lucky girl thats one super duper bathroom love your fish and the mirror is fantastic.Really looking forward to seeing your scraproom..

  2. Your bathroom is super cool Tricia!! I really loved that wood look and the gorgeous colours you used! Of course the mirror is divine!!! Everything is perfect... makes you wish for a bubble bath just so you can sit and relax in there :)

  3. Fab-u-lous bathroom ... I'm impressed ... looks amazing.