December 05, 2010

Five things about myself

Until today,  I didn't know blog awards existed - Thank you Sherryn 

In order to accept the award I need to share 5 pieces of information about me that you don't know, 
and I think nominate another five GREAT bloggers

1. I had a nifty 80 for 3 years as my main ride in my teens.
2. My first BIG purchase was a caravan which I lived in for 2 years on friends sections. 
3. I collect eggs. 
4. Not into rugby
5. Always breaking things - lucky I live with a handyman. 

I would like to pass it on to five talented ladies, 
Just love visiting your blogs 


  1. What is a nifty 80? lol. Thank you so much Tricia, I have been spoiled with awards lately. I don't think I could think of another 5 things to share about myself lol. *hugz*

  2. Nifty 80 is a little motor scooter :O)
    You so deserve it Cassie !!!!!

  3. Thanks Tricia, I am honoured by your nomination. (How do I make it work?)

  4. Hi Lynn, Do the same on your blog. Copy and Paste award and list 5 things about you then pass it on... I think. :O) A bit of fun.

  5. WOW Thanks Tricia will see what I can do. Thanks Heaps xoxo

  6. Thankyou sweetie will try the copy paste thing lol tell Noah I should Jack his cards I said here have a look at my friends little boys card there good is he 12 !!!!!! hey Noah lol I told him your 5 and he is VERY so am I...oxo