January 31, 2010

It started by making CARDS

A good friend mentioned she had never received a card from me!! "HOW SAD IS THAT"
I then missed another good friends "40th" SO I've decided this year I'm going to make a big effort to make and share cards :O)

I made a couple of cards last week and started playing again on Friday night with the following results.

I then decided I need something FUN to put them in, I found an old tin box with a few index cards, which sits unused.

So I decided to put the techniques I learnt at Scrapfest and make A Birthday Cake Card box. Using Chocolate Brown and yummy pink icing.

My different index cards.
I hope to make heaps of cards this 2010 and share them xx
It was so much fun to play with heaps of PINK!!


  1. What a fantastic project Tricia!! It looks absolutely stunning :) Love all your cards too... I might have to get sick so you can send me one of your cool 'get well' cards LOL

    Glad you had such a creative day :)

  2. Goe you that box is divine ......

  3. Fabulous Tricia! Well done you! Puts my shoe-box to shame. lol.